Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Have a merry hellbilly christmas!!!

The snow is falling... Things have slowed down in the BunkHer station recently. But that doesn't mean huge progress has been made, hence the lack of updates.
We've got three projects going on all at the same time. The biggest is a short film we've finished drafting the script. Next stage is finalisation of the script and then casting. We're on a deadline to try and get everything wrapped up, cast and filmed ready for entering the film festivals around the UK.

So, I leave you with this....

Enjoy yourselves with the festive season approaching, drink lots and be merry. Take care and keep track of our latest project Bottled Down.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The BunkHer Station is now loading of passengers only

The time is here and to do it now.
The HBTW crew have now taken on a prospect and is now recruiting for cast members if interested or if you know of anyone who may be interested?
Doesn't matter if you've never been in front of the camera before, here is your chance to shine. Show the world what it has been missing out on.
We are looking for various kinds of people so please do get in touch for more details.
Just email us your details and a face photo if possible and we will be in contact. All emails sent to us will be responded to no matter what.
So... You can contact us in the following ways

TWITTER: @helltrainwreck



Both email addresses are monitored.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Prospect

Please welcome our new member....

Saturday nights alright for... Writing!

.... And drinking and music.

Here we are, already writhing further into our twisted minds to get what you have all been missing out on. Ideas are flowing unlike the beer, unfortunately. Maybe another detour to tesco is needed? But hey! What we're doing is working well and this hellbilly train ride is on full steam to the abyss.
It's very exciting times we have in front of us at the "BunkHer Station".
.... Sorry, there has been a 30 minute space between that and this right now. Good knowing the right people. All shops closed and still managed to buy more than a crate of booze for less than £20. Anyway....
Shit is getting on top of everything as it should just like a tramp on chips.
We'll be in touch when the madness really begins!

...May you keep your soul while those around you lose theirs....



Friday, 21 October 2011

Getting back on hells highway

We started, we blogged and then you heard nothing and we did even less.
Times have changed, the two of us have changed and a lot has happened. But now we're back and more determined than ever!
Already in process of working/writing on brand new material which will be out in the very very VERY near future so keeps your eyes wide open.
I'm currently working on here and also setting up a Facebook page for HBTW Productions... Also we do have a twitter page so please come and follow us @helltrainwreck
Thank you very much for your patience.
We promise you the wait will be worth it.

Just remember for now.... Keep your soul whilst those around you lose theirs.

Take care in these dark times... The Hellbilly Train Wreck Team